Hello,I’m a host Lloyd Kotaro for a both nice and those who are not.

I would like to introduce myself easily in English which I can talk about a bit this time.

I am working as an occupational therapist now in the daytime, going to the conference and doing rehabilitation once in a while.

So, I think whether healing is self sufficient.

There are various Lloyd at this host Lloyd, I’m very stimulated.

We will continue to devote our eyes everyday to make everyone happy.

I’m poor English but I will try my best to be nominated.

Please bear with everyday conversation level English when going on date.

Well then, I’m very much looking forward to seeing you.

Thanking you in advance😉

It was kotaro


こんにちは、訪問してくださってありがとうございます。 ロイドの小太郎です。 小言で皆さんを楽しませたり役立つ情報やらをお届けできたらなって思います。 少しでも共感できたり 感じ良さそう 悩み打ち明けたいな 些細なことでも気軽にメールください♪ まったりといきましょ。


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