Happy New Year!!😊
Farewell to say Kotaro of Host Lloyd.

How is everyone going through the New Years?✋

Since I entered the Host Lloyd last year,I have been sending huge days.

However,this year I want to make it a year that can make a leap as a further Lloyd so I will do my best.

Writing in English is a message to foreigners who are looking at Lloyd ‘s page.

I can accept and attack, so please do it hot!!

I feel like being blamed for a moment.
I think I can enjoy especially carnivorous girls!

So please do hot hesitate to email me☺️
Kotaro is always waiting.
We are looking for someone to have a hot time together. 

I promise to share a good time and have fun 

Kotaro of Lloyd


こんにちは、訪問してくださってありがとうございます。 ロイドの小太郎です。 小言で皆さんを楽しませたり役立つ情報やらをお届けできたらなって思います。 少しでも共感できたり 感じ良さそう 悩み打ち明けたいな 些細なことでも気軽にメールください♪ まったりといきましょ。


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