Hello everyone

Hello,this is Kotaro😀

How is everyone doing?

That was also a wonderful event of new year that you saw Hakone Ekiden 😉

I feel the beginning of a year 

I have experience over seas, I am interested in communication of different cultures 

Although it is written in English for customers from overseas, it is very cute that I am trying hard in English by seeing and talking

Here from the first step 
Because Host Lloyd employs the mail function, email sent with courage will surely reach to Lloyd ✋
So, do not be a afraid to speak in English
So please send it ✨

I will definitely reply 
In such a case I cannot bear to send it from a women, but I am looking forward to the mail from you very much 

Kotaro sticks closer to you more than anyone and will do his best 💪



こんにちは、訪問してくださってありがとうございます。 ロイドの小太郎です。 小言で皆さんを楽しませたり役立つ情報やらをお届けできたらなって思います。 少しでも共感できたり 感じ良さそう 悩み打ち明けたいな 些細なことでも気軽にメールください♪ まったりといきましょ。


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